Why cosac.io Price Login
You might already have many different systems at work and wander, how yet another one could help you?
Well, you can use automated planning, sales control, or even CRM (which is even more important when you have many people). But biggest benefit you would get by improving ordering cycle and that means, faster ordering, faster delivering and faster money flow.
And in addition you get better customers satisfaction and more loyal customers.

How it works?

Your customers are another companies, that are buying from you. To do so, they need to send order to you. It might be via email, call and phone or even visit your shop and make direct orders. And most companies do that almost last second and in addition, when you get order information ir needs to be entered into your systems, checked by someone and only then it can be started to fulfill. All that takes time. And how many times does information came incomplete or been lost? Happens all the time.
So instead, you allow your customers to put orders directly in your system. They cannot interfere with each other or any other part of your systems, so it's very safe. And you will save a lot of time (ordering time, your employee time so it can be more efficient and do other work as well and even get better information).
It's also very useful for your customers, they can order directly and whatever time they want or need. They can use automated planning and purchase, so will always have items they need, with even less waisting time and increase they efficiency.
As a result have customer that is more happier, efficient and have much less reasons to search for another supplier.
Want to know more details? Just contact us at [email protected] and we will call you back or have a meeting and will explain with all details you want.