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Big corporations have a lot of resource for every thing, but in smaller companies you always need to do so many things with very few people. Therefore you nee to be as efficient as possible.
And to help you with your daily operations and to be more profitable we created online solution, where you can do and get what is important for you:

So how it can help to you?


In sales you can work with sales orders, invoices, get information about best selling products or customers, that are buying the most.
You also can create various price list for different customers or valid dates, so creating sales orders will be even easier and have less errors.
From sales orders you can directly create invoice (or other documents that are related to sales) and print them or get as pdf file.
You also can use CRM, that was specially designed to help boost sales. But of course it helps to have better customer relations in general.


Products are items or services you sell or buy. They don't need to be physical items, painting or haircut are perfect products that you can sell.
To make work easier, we split products in categories. But we don't have strict categories, you decide, what is best for you and organise your products in such way, that is easier for you.
And then you can quickly find, what you have. Or what product or its category are selling best and make adjustments to you plans.


After you have products to sell and have some information about sales, it's time to make some planning. It's one of activities that companies and people are pushing back, but it's also one, that make difference between losses and profit.
To make it easier we connect sales, purchases and warehouse into single automated system, where every sale operation can reduce products in warehouse and purchase will increase them.
This allows you to quickly check if you actually have item in your warehouse (if customer asks for it for example, or if you unsure if you need to refill it). But it also can give you quick visual overview about item quantities with color codes, this makes it much easier to see, what items you need to purchase, so you always have enough for your customers.
Interested but not sure how you should start? Check this quick start description, it takes just few minutes and you will be ready to start. And we also have plenty of videos about various features and how to do various operations and you always welcome to write. We will be glade to help you.

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