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Do you have new idea and thinking about start-up or new business and would like to increase your success chances?
Do you know what is often forgotten at the stage of the idea or the initial idea plan? Clients.
Potential customers are the ones who will tell you what they need, which will help you decide which part of the product to work on. One of the main reasons for a failed business is that the product did not solve any real problems. Also potential customers are those who might be the first to try your product and start paying for it.
Customers aren't just single group of interesting contacts you might want to save. You might find some good supplier, or service company (for example company that might give you free web site). Or it might be business partners that will help you expand your business in the future.
Of course, it won't happen overnight, it's usually a long and endless process, but that's why it's even more important to start doing it as early as possible.
And of course, having a phone or email alone is not enough, especially when it comes to customers. They are the most important source of your information, so it's important to save what you have communicate with them. Memory can be deceptive, it's easy to forget important details, also if you don't save this information, it will be much more difficult to share it with other team members.
If your customer history is stored in e-mail, it is easy to lose it between hundred other emails, or just forget that it was there. It is even more difficult to share it with others because, who wants to share access to their mail. Then the time is wasted in sending letters, or simply repeating what was talked with customers (and the more people working on the idea, the more time it takes). This often leads to sharing just part of information. And this mean lost ideas and opportunities and might even lead to the wrong product.
All of this has prompted us to create a simple system that is very easy to understand and use, but which would also prevent many of these problems. Of course, it also has other features that will be useful in the future. But at the beginning we recommend focusing on a few basic parts:
And as an additional prize, you get a structured job that makes it easier to plan and distribute work. This improves work efficiency and makes planning for the future much easier.
Often effective work at the beginning determines business success.
Another important moment in the beginning of business, especially start-ups, is the search for external funding. And when dealing with investors, it is important to show that you have not only an idea but also a plan to implement it. One of the most interesting questions for investors is, how many customers you already have. And the ability to base it on specific numbers, and even if necessary to demonstrate, may be one of the decisive factors for them.
We understand that when starting a business all costs are very important, so we have excellent offer - you can use it for three months for free (with no obligation). And even later it will cost just 5 EUR/month for first year (when signing up use discount code 'future').
So if you have an idea, start using it as early as possible, you are not committing to anything but can get a lot of value. And if it does not meet your expectations, you can always stop using it at any time.

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And of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact us via email or via our facebook page.