Small or Medium company


Big corporations have a lot of resource for everything, but in smaller companies you always need to do so many things with very few people. Therefore you nee to be as efficient as possible.

And to help you with your daily operations and to be more profitable we created online solution, where you can do and get what is important for you:

  • Sales operations and better control
  • Products and warehouse management
  • Invoices
  • Better predictive planning
  • Increased customers satisfaction
  • Bigger profit and competitive advantage

So how it can help to you?


In sales you can work with sales orders, invoices, get information about best selling products or customers, that are buying the most.
You also can create various price list for different customers or valid dates, so creating sales orders will be even easier and have less errors.
From sales orders you can directly create invoice (or other documents that are related to sales) and print them or get as pdf file.
You also can use CRM, that was specially designed to help boost sales. But of course it helps to have better customer relations in general.


Products are items or services you sell or buy. They don’t need to be physical items, painting or haircut are perfect products that you can sell.
To make work easier, we split products in categories. But we don’t have strict categories, you decide, what is best for you and organise your products in such way, that is easier for you.
And then you can quickly find, what you have. Or what product or its category are selling best and make adjustments to you plans.


After you have products to sell and have some information about sales, it’s time to make some planning. It’s one of activities that companies and people are pushing back, but it’s also one, that make difference between losses and profit.
To make it easier we connect sales, purchases and warehouse into single automated system, where every sale operation can reduce products in warehouse and purchase will increase them.
This allows you to quickly check if you actually have item in your warehouse (if customer asks for it for example, or if you unsure if you need to refill it). But it also can give you quick visual overview about item quantities with color codes, this makes it much easier to see, what items you need to purchase, so you always have enough for your customers.

Individual or freelancer

Do you work for yourself or have small business? Do you want to have more satisfied customers, bigger profit or just use latest technologies and earn more? Then you probably heard that you need to work more efficient, but what does that mean?
There is no silver bullet that will magically solve all your problems, but if you keep your customers happy, they will return back to you and pay more. And they will recommend you to their friends. If you keep records of what you did, you will have better understanding how much it costs to do some work (buying material, spending time etc) and this allows you to give better price or predict some future projects, for how much they really might cost.

You can print (or send pdf file) sales/work order, with a list of things that was done. Detailing for customer, how much each part cost, so he’s happier and more willing to come back. And in addition you are saving time. If you had similar projects in past, you can give better prediction, for how long it will take to do and how much it will cost to the customer. And no one likes unexpected expenses.

If you see that you are buying a lot in some shop, you might negotiate better prices and get bigger discount. Or just make notes for yourself about particular customer (maybe he’s very generous with payments, or maybe opposite – he’s very picky about something and you want to remember that for future).

So how can we help you?

  • Save details of what the customer bought from you.

You will know more about your customer and will have opportunity for after sale. You will know what he might want for next time and can actively suggest same or similar product after some time.

  • Printing invoice for client and put as many or few details detail there as you or your client wants.

You will look more professional and can save some time, if you will need to send invoice information to accountant.

  • Create sale order separate from invoice, so you can keep all details about project private.

Sometimes you might want to have different information about project, that can be seen only by you (for example price for some material, or full list of works that was done). This helps to know real price for project and you will be in better position, when next customer asks for a price.

  • Keep any information about customers you would like to have.

If you want to have good relation with your customers, you need to know them better. And that means having at least basic information about them. In addition you want to quickly find, what was done for them, so you can offer something more, or just ask if they are happy. And of course, there might be someone, who isn’t that good, maybe delay payments or are very picky about small things, you definitely want to remember that.

  • Store information about previous projects – what was done and how much it costs.

Best way to know, how much it will cost is look at previous projects. There will be difference, but it’s much easier to give basic price when you already have concrete example. And you can much easier negotiate price, when you can point to customer that you had done it before and why it cost so much. And if they want to get it cheaper you might give them list of something that is optional to do. And keep all that information just for yourself, it don’t need to be exposed to customer.

  • Work from anywhere and don’t waist money on special computers or support.
If you will need to know something about previous projects (maybe price, or work list, or what material you have used), or maybe just look for customer phone number or email. You don’t need to go home, open your computer or look for notes in notebook. You always will have direct access from anywhere you are. This will save you time, make you look professional and usually increase customers satisfaction.



You might already have many different systems at work and wander, how yet another one could help you?
Well, you can use automated planning, sales control, or even CRM (which is even more important when you have many people). But biggest benefit you would get by improving ordering cycle and that means, faster ordering, faster delivering and faster money flow.
And in addition, you get better customers satisfaction and more loyal customers.

How it works?


Your customers are another companies, that are buying from you. To do so, they need to send order to you. It might be via email, call and phone or even visit your shop and make direct orders. And most companies do that almost last second and in addition, when you get order information ir needs to be entered into your systems, checked by someone and only then it can be started to fulfill. All that takes time. And how many times does information came incomplete or been lost? Happens all the time.
So instead, you allow your customers to put orders directly in your system. They cannot interfere with each other or any other part of your systems, so it’s very safe. And you will save a lot of time (ordering time, your employee time so it can be more efficient and do other work as well and even get better information).
It’s also very useful for your customers, they can order directly and whatever time they want or need. They can use automated planning and purchase, so will always have items they need, with even less waisting time and increase they efficiency.
As a result have customers that happier, more efficient and have much less reasons to search for another supplier.

Want to know more details? Just contact us at [email protected] and we will call you back or have a meeting and will explain with all details you want.