Automation means so many things for different people. Some people might thing about machine learning, some about calendar planning or warehouse operations.

When we think about automation, we are thinking about tool that allows to you to do work automatically, that otherwise you would do manually.

For example, when you are planning purchases, you need to check, how many items do you have, how many do you need (in addition you also think how long it will take to order and deliver). And all this work can be automated.

Same goes for ordering. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of calling, sending emails or filling all these online forms, you could just order automatically and focus on what is really important for you?

We give you a tool which allows you easily interact with your vendors, suppliers or customers and allows you to automate many manual operations.

How it works?


Core principle is quite simple – you plan how many products you want to have and every time you are selling our automated system checks if you need refill that products (or related material). If it finds that it needs, then purchase order will be created or updated and sent to your supplier. If your supplier is using our system as well, then he will get that order and can start producing immediately and you will get updated status in your own program.

  • Plan
  • Sell
  • Purchase
  • Automate
  • Save time and resources
  • Avoid mistakes and deadlines

And beauty of this independent system is, that you can connect as many customers and suppliers as you want. If you automatically buy something from your supplier, he also can automatically buy, what he needs from his suppliers, so everyone will work fast and efficient.

And because your ordering is done automatically you can optimise your ordering quantities and save money in unnecessary items. And if you order only what you really need, you will help environment by reducing waste production, so it is double win for everyone.

Interested to learn more about it?

Just contact us by email [email protected] and we can give you more information about things that interests you.