Customers relation and sales


If your customer history is stored in e-mail, it is easy to lose it between hundred other emails, or just forget that it was there. It is even more difficult to share it with others because, who wants to share access to their mail. Then the time is wasted in sending letters, or simply repeating what was talked with customers (and the more people working on the idea, the more time it takes). This often leads to sharing just part of information. And this mean lost ideas and opportunities and might even lead to the wrong product.

All of this has prompted us to create a simple system that is very easy to understand and use, but which would also prevent many of these problems. Of course, it also has other features that will be useful in the future. But at the beginning we recommend focusing on a few basic parts:


  • Have information in one place – so you don’t loose it and everyone knows where to look for it.
  • Data available from anywhere – it allows you to use not only a computer but also a tablet or just a phone, so that you can always get what you need.
  • You have not just contact information, but everything that is related – notes about what was talked on the phone, meetings or emails. This helps not just to build better product, but to sell it as well.
  • Reminders – so you never forget to do anything. It might be reminder about how project goes, maybe customer have important event. Or just keep in touch with them.
  • Easier collaboration with other team/business members – they can get all information they need when they and this leads to better efficiency.

Collect contact information

Plan and make first contact

Follow up previous contacts

Make sales and after sales

Want to know more details? Just contact us at [email protected] and we will call you back or have a meeting and will explain with all details you want.